About the Liberty Learning Community

We are a unique educational experience.  This means passionate, empowered, learning in a community committed to family and warmth.  We insist for our children that their experience prepares them for success in today’s fast paced Information Age. 

Only at the Liberty Learning Community will you see the the warmth and support unique to Home Schoolers and Un-Schoolers.  We have also been deeply influenced by the cutting edge philosophy of the Sudbury Valley School.  This amazing school, renowned, internationally, for revolutionizing education since 1968, and has been a catalyst for almost 40 Sudbury Schools, internationally. We are proud to be inspired by them!

Similar to the proven Sudbury education model, every student, parent, and volunteer is free to attend the weekly School Meeting, which manages all School Business.  Students, family members, and volunteers are also all involved in the School’s Judicial System, which ensures the school is safe for everyone.  Since everyone at the school has one equal vote, everyone is equally important!  Since students range in age from 4 through High School, this is an intensely powerful learning experience.

The Liberty Learning Community offers a uniquely rich and alive community.  Students minds develop in a world of true intellectual freedom, just the kind of learning environment used by historical greats like Einstein.  Learning….. passion…….. creativity…… independence…… and responsibility are the School’s foundations.

Deep, true learning takes place.  The kind of learning that occurs when students are passionate about what they are doing.  This kind of learning prepares students to be independent, self-reliant adults who know how to thrive in a fast paced world.  A world where things change quickly, and chaos is the norm.

The Liberty Learning Community prepares students to be mature, young, adults capable of sophisticated, independent, thinking. They have the ability to make clear and logical arguments.  They handle complex, ethical, worldly, issues. They know how to set and reach goals.  They also know how to unearth the necessary resources to achieve those goals.

For more information please call 732-557-0354

Email:   LibertyLearningCommunity@yahoo.com


One thought on “About

  1. I am wondering what time school would be each day? (we don’t live close, and we’re not morning people..!) If more than one child is enrolled, would there be a discount? If more than one child is enrolled, for the lower tuition, would A parent need to volunteer two times a week? Is there any chance of bus transportation, through the regular school system, as other private schools have done? What are the teacher qualifications?

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