Age Mixing

Age mixing is a key ingredient at The Liberty Learning Community.  Age does not define the student.  Interest is what matters!  The power and beauty of age mixing, and makes this School experience especially rich.

Kids help each other.  This is a true community learning experience.   There is no competition for  grades or gold stars.  The School environment simply enjoys a creative learning atmosphere.  The result is that profound learning takes place!

Seven year olds  help four years.  Fourteen year olds  guide the eight year olds.  Seventeen year olds are the role models.  Five year olds keep the teenagers young and free.  Brotherhood, sisterhood, motherhood, fatherhood, you name it you will see it here.

Sports and athletic games are creatively designed by the kids themselves.  You see students of all ages and abilities  playing together joyfully.  This helps the athlete, as well as the “computer geek” who would normally feel intimidated.

It’s just easier for kids to learn from kids.  Plus, the excitement of modeling older kids serves as a natural motivator.  And of course there are adults and volunteers to add to the mixture of fun.

Age mixing vastly increases the learning power and teaching power of the school.

For more information please call 732-557-0354



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