We Know!  Older Students have Different Interests than younger students.  

At The Liberty Learning Community, older students will be highly stimulated, especially because they have direct input into their school.  They can learn what they want and need to know. If the school doesn’t have it, they can make sure it gets it, or somehow get involved it making it happen!  It doesn’t get better than that!

Perhaps things like:

  • SAT Classes.  
  • Choosing the Right College.
  • Getting College Scholarship.
  • Making Money and How to Invest

Or perhaps:

  • How to travel in Europe.
  • Becoming a Professional Chef…….. Designer……… Programmer
It’s a big world out there, with a limitless amount of things to learn………

Older Students, who want to graduate The Liberty Learning Community, and attend college……. are likely to get into their first choice college.  

They present with much more than the “average” applicant.  They impress deans with their ability to be articulate, passionate, self-knowing.  Their intense focus on their goals makes a strong impression.  In other words, they stand out from the barrage of applicants.  The Sudbury Valley School has done extensive research on their graduates.  In books published by The Sudbury Valley School Press, they describe this in detail.

In today’s Information Age, young people must be able to think out of the box, and trail blaze their own futures.  Human Resource Managers lament over the lack of creative, independent job applicants.  There is no job security anymore.

Things that seem important can be outdated in 3 years.  Therefore, at the Liberty Learning Community, we make ensure that the learning environment is based on passion, so that students go into the world equipped to succeed with confidence and excitement about life.


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