How We Operate

How the School Operates:

The Liberty Learning Community will provide a uniquely rich and alive community, where everyone enjoys total intellectual freedom.

A warm, welcoming, safe environment means that each child has the best experience possible. The family involvement ensures that everyone at the school is committed to its success. Parent, family. and volunteer involvement is a core component. 

In many important ways, The Liberty Learning Community will creatively model the revolutionary Sudbury Valley School, founded in Framingham MA in 1968.  This wonderful school has an almost 45 year proven philosophy that offers profound, self directed learning.  This ensures that respect, responsibility, and freedom are core foundations of the Community.

School Meeting

The weekly School Meeting manages and oversees all School business.  All issues are discussed, debated, and voted on at School Meeting.  Staff, family, and students all have one equal vote in school decisions.  This means that every student has voting power in  their school and education experience.  This creates an atmosphere of openness and trust, unheard of in schools these days.

Every community member shares in the full responsibility of the School!

Rules & the Judicial Committee (JC)

The Judicial process of the school is uniquely effective in keeping the School safe, and running smoothly. The School’s Judicial System is entirely under the supervision of the School Meeting. The process begins when an alleged rule has been broken, and a complaint is written.

The JC investigates every complaint thoroughly, including: interviewing witnesses and sifting through testimony.  Once it determines the best version of what happened, a fair disciplinary action will can be voted.

Since everyone is part of the process, justice belongs to everyone!  Everyone is treated fairly.  No one is afraid of authority.  There is no fear of adults, or teachers, or anyone.  Freedom is a highly valued, and protected right.

The School Meeting and Judicial System also make the students extremely responsible for the School’s operation. Students shouldering this kind of responsibility fosters a keen sense of self-confidence. Thus they gain the internal resources needed to lead highly effective lives.

For more information please call 732-557-0354.



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