Learning at The Liberty Learning Community is based on passion.  We do not impose time limits, or an arbitrary curriculum.  Proudly we model the school after Sudbury Valley, and here is their experience after their first 20 years.  Note they have now been in existence almost 45 years, since 1968.

“In close to two decades, there has never been a case of dyslexia at Sudbury Valley.  No one knows exactly why.  The cause of dyslexia, the nature of dyslexia, the very existence of dyslexia as a true disorder are matters of great dispute.  Some authorities say that as much as 20% of the population suffers from this alleged disorder.

The fact is, we  have never seen it at this school.  ”    1

At The Liberty Learning Community, we are inspired by deep learning.  This is the kind of learning that comes when students are passionate about what they are doing.  In fact, try and stop a passionate student from pursuing deeply, what they want to learn.  We wouldn’t think of it!

Of course we know that all students at The Liberty Learning Community will read.  We just do not force them to learn on our time frame.  There is not an imposed, rigid curriculum, so their specific age may vary.  However, they all become effective, productive citizens.

Especially because they are encouraged to learn in the way that suits them best, they remain confident, self-reliant, and Brilliant!  

For more information please call 732-557-0354



1  Free at Last.  The Sudbury Valley School.  by Dan Greenberg.  Sudbury Valley School Press.  1995.  pg. 31


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